Family Service Center Therapists

At Family Service Center, sixteen licensed mental health professionals provide therapy on a sliding fee scale — putting help and support within reach of people who live, work, or attend school in Glenview, Kenilworth, Northbrook and Wilmette. See our locations.

Family Service Center offers professional counseling services to meet the diverse needs of our various communities with multilingual and multicultural therapists. Our therapy staff consists of clinicians who speak Spanish, Arabic, and German. Additionally we now have a child clinician on staff in our Wilmette/Glenview and Northbrook locations, who sees children individually and in collaboration with their parents.Our clinicians are experienced, competent and highly trained. In addition to their professional degrees, most staff have completed postgraduate training programs and participate in ongoing professional educational programs each year.

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Our Clinical Staff:

Renee Z. Dominguez, Ph.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist who joined Family Service Center in 2014, bringing with her over fifteen years of clinical experience working with children and families.  She earned her doctorate in Clinical Psychology, Child and Family Track, at the University of Houston in 2001.  She completed her pre-doctoral internship at Baylor College of Medicine, and her post-doctoral fellowship at La Rabida Children's Hospital, where she specialized in working with children, adolescents, and families who had experienced trauma.  Dr. Dominguez came to Family Service Center most recently serving as the Clinical Director of the Chicago Child Trauma Center at La Rabida Children's Hospital.  At Family Service Center, Dr. Dominguez oversees clinical operations, provides supervision to staff, collaborates with community partners, and provides therapy to children, adolescents, adults, and families.

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Mary Claire Axford, MSW, LCSW, joined Family Service Center in 2014.  Ms. Axford received her Master's Degree from the University of Maine, with a concentration in Health and Mental Health.  Ms. Axford has over 20 years of experience as a clinical social worker and therapist.  Ms. Axford has extensive experience conducting evaluations and psychosocial assessments in many different settings, and in providing counseling and therapy, including play therapy, to diverse populations.


Karen Cloyd, LCPC, NCC, received her Master in Education from Loyola University Chicago, with a concentration in Community Counseling.  Ms. Cloyd joined Family Service Center in 2014 as a LCPC with almost 15 years of experience aiding children, adolescents, and families as they navigate traumatic experiences and life stressors.  Ms. Cloyd utilizes an integrative approach, and enjoys incorporating art making, literature, play, mindfulness practice, and writing into her clinical work.  She honors the inherent human capacity for growth and change, and co-creates with her clients a safe and nurturing space that promotes growth, healing, resilience, and well-being.  Karen specializes in working with those experiencing depression, anxiety, trauma, loss, parenting concerns, and relationship conflict.  She also has extensive experience working with individuals and families impacted by interpersonal violence, and completed 40-hour Illinois Certified Domestic Violence Professional approved training in 2002.


 Sari Glazebrook, MSW, Type 73, CADC, joined the staff at Family Service Center in 2014.  Ms. Glazebrook received her Masters in Social Work at Loyola University Chicago and her B.A. from the University of Iowa.  Ms. Glazebrook has over fifteen years of clinical professional experience working with adolescents and families.  Ms. Glazebroook specializes in addictions support, versed in intake, assessment, and discharge planning.


Beth Irwin, LPC, joined Family Service Center in 2013.  Ms. Irwin received her teaching certification from the University of Iowa and M.A. in Counseling Psychology from Northwestern University.  Ms. Irwin previously taught in Washington D.C.'s public school system and brings over four years of experience working in mental health, specializing in play-based child therapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy, assessment and treatment of children and adolescents in groups; LGBTQ populations; and mindfulness.


JayJay Karant, LCSW, has worked as a psychotherapist since 1970 and with Family Service Center since 1985. Mr. Karant received his B. A. at Roosevelt University and M.S.S.A. at Case Western Reserve University School of Applied Social Sciences. Postgraduate training was at the Gestalt Institute & Family Institute. Having worked with adolescents in suburban high schools for 30 years, Mr. Karant is a certified school social work specialist and works extensively with adolescent adjustment problems.


Robin Lake, MA, LCSW, joined the staff at Family Service Center in 2015.  She earned her Master in Social Work from the University of Michigan in 1998 and her Master in Psychology from Michigan State University in 1992.  Ms. Lake comes with more than 15 years of experience working with individuals, couples, and families addressing parenting, attachment, trauma, and mental health challenges with a compassionate, eclectic approach.  As a lifelong learner, Ms. Lake enjoys teaching and presenting on ADHA, the benefits of mindfulness and meditation, trauma and the stress response system, social and emotional learning competencies, and the use of mindfulness in parenting, communication, and daily life.









 Peter Nichols, MD, MHA, joined Family Service Center in 2014.  Dr. Nichols received his MD at the University of Southern California and did further training at the University of Chicago and the University of Illinois at Chicago.  Dr. Nichols has been the Program Director of the Intensive Outpatient Program for Chicago Lakeshore Hospital and the Unit Director of the Pervasive Developmental Disorder Unit at Streamwood Behavioral Health Systems.  Dr. Nichols is a Board Certified Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist and a Board Certified Adult Psychiatrist who strongly believes in integrated care.  At Family Service Center, Dr. Nichols works closely with the psychologists, social workers, and counselors to provide comprehensive support to all clients.


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THERAPISTS (continued):

Lilita Matison, LCSW, received her              
Master in Social Work from the University of Michigan in 2000, and joined Family Service Center in 2015.  Ms. Matison has fifteen years of experience that has included co-directing
two programs and providing clinical services within the University of Michigan Health Systems, serving as an ambassador to bringing mind-body skills into Social-Emotional Wellness curriculum for K-12 students in Chicago, supervising graduate students in social work, and providing direct clinical care to individuals who struggle with anxiety and depression.  Ms. Matison enjoys leading workshops and training in integrative therapies to teachers and health care professionals.


Paula Merucci, LSW, CADC, Type 73 School Social Work Certified, joined Family Service Center in 2013.  Ms. Merucci received her MSW from Loyola University Chicago, where she specialized in the treatment of families and adolescents, with a concentration in substance abuse prevention.  Ms. Merucci combines six commonly used and studied evidence-based approaches that form the core of positive results and the evidence of effectiveness:  Cognitive-Behavioral Interventions, Motivational Enhancement Therapy, 12-step facilitation, community reinforcement, integrated dual disorder treatment, and systems treatment.  Ms. Merucci believes in a collaborative, person-centered approach that is empathetic and supportive. Ms. Merucci has three years of clinical placement experience in the field of addiction and recovery, high school social work, and hospice care.


Tracy Muklewicz, MS Ed, NCC, LCPC, joined Family Service Center in 2013.  Ms. Muklewicz received her B.A. in Psychology from Northern Illinois University and her M.S. Ed. specializing in community counseling from Northern Illinois University.  She is a graduate of the Certificate in Play Therapy Program from Midamerica Nazarene University.  Ms. Muklewicz is a play therapist with over ten years of experience providing services to children and families.  Tracy uses directive and non-directive play therapy as well as Theraplay® techniques to facilitate growth, healing, self-esteem and healthy relationships with children, their peers and families.


EwaEwa Nevler, LCSW, has been a practicing psychotherapist with Family Service Center since 2001. Ms. Nevler, a bi-lingual therapist, sees Polish families and individuals. Ms. Nevler graduated at Yagiellonian University in Cracow, Poland, and Loyola University-Chicago with a master's in Social Work.


GloriaGloria Passalacqua, MA, LCPC, is a bi-lingual, bi-cultural psychotherapist who has been practicing since 1977 and joined Family Service Center in 2006. Ms. Passalacqua works with Latino families, specializing in family and group therapy with such topics as depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder.


Nanci Priest, AM, MATS, MSW, LCSW, joined the staff at Family Service Center in 2014.  Ms. Priest received her Masters Degree from the University of Chicago.  With almost 30 years of experience, Ms. Priest treats individuals, couples, families, and groups as a licensed clinical social worker.  From 2007-2013, Ms. Priest served as staff therapist with the Samaritan Counseling Center of Southeastern Michigan.  Ms. Priest's areas of professional competency include, but are not limited to, divorce, family blending, disabilities, parenting, depression, grief and loss, aging, transitions, women's issues, foster care, adoption, and death of a child.


LaurieLaurie Roston, LCSW has been a psychotherapist since 1975 and at Family Service Center since 1988. Ms. Roston received her B.A. at Ohio University and her M.A. at The University of Chicago – School of Social Service Administration. Ms. Roston did her postgraduate training in family systems. Ms. Roston specializes in marital & family therapy.


SusanneSusanne Swisher, Ph.D., received her doctorate in psychology from the University of Vienna in Austria. She received her postgraduate training at the Tavistock Clinic in London and at the Family Institute at Northwestern University. She has been with the Family Service Center since 1991 and specializes in marital therapy and life cycle issues, particularly those associated with aging and retirement.